Essentials for the digital stereo photographer/videographer

StereoPhoto Maker and StereoMovie Maker

View, edit and save your stereo images or videos. All popular 3D formats are supported, and the programs
are free and easy to use. They're essential kit. All the information you'll need to use them is on the help pages. Visit Muttyan's homepage for more 3D Applications.

Societies and Clubs


The International Stereoscopic Union
is an international body that we're affiliated with. Check out their links page to find out about clubs worldwide as well as events, galleries and exhibitions. They also issue a journal 'Stereoscopy'

Sydney Stereo

Camera Club

Hosts of the Southern Cross International Exhibition of Stereo Photography - an annual competition supported by Photographic Society of America.

Stereoscopic content on Flickr

Flickr's a popular way to share 3D photos. 

Stereoscopic content on YouTube

Equipment - viewers, cameras, old stuff.

Member's Websites

New Zealand Native Orchids

If you're interest was piqued by Eric Scanlen's pictures, you can find out more here.

Steve Withers

Stereoscopic and panoramic photography


A site for viewing 3D images. Easily swap between different viewing methods. Requires an invite but just email them for one, super easy.

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